Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

Slate Homes is proud to partner with Builders and Developers around the country to bring Slate’s modern, energy efficient quality homes into your community.

Our Process
  • Build in controlled environment and deliver homes to site
  • Work with development group to match elevations in community
  • Work with developer or 3rd party to set/place homes, connect utilities and complete finish work
Our Process
  • Site work and prep options including driveway, parking and landscaping
  • Mechanicals from street to house
  • Define and build out: pier and beam, foundation, crawl space or basement
  • All site-related permits

Benefit to Developers

  • New fresh inventory with attractive features (smart homes, varied designs and styles)


  • Build time is 30%-50% faster than traditional construction methods
  • No construction delays due to inclement weather


  • Meets all IBC regulations for wind and seismic loads
  • 15%-20% more lumber in a modular structure means greater structural integrity
  • Quality-controlled facility = less errors
  • Superior unit density (10-16 SFH/acre) greater revenue per acre


  • Modular construction facility allows for automation and standardization of processes
  • Better control over inventory for more efficient use of materials
  • Up to 30% less waste
  • Slate manages all subcontractors


  • Structures delivered 90% complete reducing on-site finishing
  • Save on construction loan interest
  • More predictable schedules compared to on-site builds
  • Short delivery times vs. site built … delivering faster cashflow and lowing carrying costs

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