Slate Homes was launched in 2017 in Ohio. We’re proud of our indoor manufacturing facility and expert pre-fab home builders. Our process reduces building time, cost, and construction waste, and allows for transport to your site. 


Leverage best-in-class technologies and methodologies to design and deliver highly efficient homes and communities.


  • Utilize technology to improve building practices 
  • Efficient building practices eliminate waste 
  • Utilize the best quality components possible 
  • Manage the supply chain to facilitate the process and contain cost 
  • Customer feedback is crucial to product redesign 
  • Quality over quantity 

Our Business Model

At Slate Homes, we want to make the home building and buying process as simple as possible for you and your customers. Building in a climate controlled facility, we eliminate weather delays and reduce total build time to 5-7 months vs. 9-18 months for site-built homes. Our process also decreases cost and construction waste, and allows for transportation to any location.

Our models offer functional designs, a choice of finishes and features, along with energy efficient and sustainable components. Homes are versatile in size allowing greater density on traditional lots (12-16 units/acre).

Slate Homes currently works strictly with Developers on multi-volume projects of five or more homes. If you are an individual buyer, please have your Developer contact us.